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East India Beer Company Gothenburg

Being a pioneer today is not easy. But its also never been easier. With a journey that begins in Gothenburg in the middle of the 18th century, we sail through time from Great Britain ending up in different countries around Asia. We want to invite you on a journey through these countries in the form of drink and food.

We call it fusion food with a drink that grabs your attention. We'll be sure to offer you something you recognize with a touch of something new. Hopefully something exotic for the palate and the eye.

As the name suggests, we are on a voyage with a certain hop-based drink that can be enjoyed with food or just as it is. We hope you find your favourite, whether it already exists or wether its a new discovery. You will find varieties you recognize, and hopefully some new ones you dont. Some can be found on our menu but some make temporary guest appearances.

No matter how you choose to spend your evening with us, we will make you feel most welcome!


Danska vägen 110, 416 59 Göteborg, SVERIGE

TEL: 031-388 78 70

Email: info@olkompaniet.com


Värmlandsgatan 18b, 413 28 Göteborg,SVERIGE

TEL: 031-14 03 10

Email: info@olkompaniet.com


Norra Torggatan 1, 434 30 KUNGSBACKA, SVERIGE

TEL: 0300-325 661

Email: kungsbacka@olkompaniet.com